• Does CARDIACS buy sports cards, autograph memorabilia, old magazines, or other collectibles?

Yes. We ask that you go to the tab in our website that says How to Sell to CARDIACS. Please do not bring in your collections of cards for us to look at. We will email you back if we are interested within 3-5 days.

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  • Does Cardiacs evaluate autographed items?

No. CARDIACS is not an authenticator and cannot guarantee the authenticity of your cards or items. There are services and companies available such as PSA, JSA, and Beckett that perform these services. You may check them out to see if they can help you.

    • Does Cardiacs do appraisals on cards or collections?

    No. As much as we would enjoy it, we just do not have the time for it. An easy way to price your cards is to go onto eBay. Type in the year of the card, the brand, the players name, and if it is a parallel, numbered or a patch card. Go to the filters and click on Sold Items. You should be able to find what they are selling for.

    • What is the difference between hobby and retail boxes?

     Hobby boxes guarantee at least an autograph or memorabilia card while retail has no guarantees. For this reason, hobby boxes are more expensive, and more exclusive as they typically can be found in hobby card shops (CARDIACS), while retail boxes will be found in retail stores like Target and Walmart.

    Retail can still bring in some great hits but you just need to look at a couple of things. Check the odds on the back of the boxes and you can see what your chances of getting that hit is. The odds of getting an autograph or relic card in retail is a very low percentage. 

    • Whats is the difference between graded and raw cards?

    Graded cards hold and increase their values and condition much better over time than a standard raw card. Taking a chance on a new player can be a great investment. Grading one of their rookie cards is the best way to protect this investment for the long haul. Raw or poorly-protected cards can get lost or damaged over time, so grading them helps protect them while sustaining the value.

    Raw cards also have some purpose. Some collectors like to flip the cards they get. Selling your raw cards is the best way to quickly do this. Since the pandemic began, the trading card industry boomed, as we all know. Due to this, turnaround times at most major grading companies have become much slower than expected and are still behind today. The value of cards changes very quickly with how good a player is doing, so the value of the cards you send to a grading service could significantly change during that time. For leading grading companies’ standard services, many collectors have been waiting for months to receive their cards back. If you’re looking to sell your card in the short term, think carefully before sending away for grading unless you are using one of the fastest turnaround services.

    • Does Cardiacs Grade Cards?

    We Do Not grade cards. The best place to get cards graded would be PSA or Beckett. Understand that prices are high right now and that you have to send your cards off to these companies.