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2021 FORTNITE Series 3 Fat Pack Box

2021 FORTNITE Series 3 Fat Pack Box

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Panini presents the 2021 Fortnite Series 3 Fat Pack Box! Collect new double-sided Wrap cards featuring 70 of the game's coolest customizations!

FORTNITE FANDOM: The international phenomenon takes the trading card world by storm!

Find cards for some of the most popular outfits such as Midas, Dread Omen, Double Agent Wildcard, Lexa, and more!

Each fat pack will have 2 bonus Epic cards! 

Look for Holofoils & Opti Chrome Holos

Look for cards of popular outfits such as Midas, VI, Raz, Lexa and more! 

2021 Panini Fortnite Series 3 Features a 332- Card Set: 

25 Uncommon Outfits, 75 Rare Outfits, 23 Legendary Outfits, 9 Frozen Outfits, 65 Harvesting Tools, and 35 Wraps

Product Configuration:

  • 20 cards per pack
  • 2 packs per box
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