How to Sell to CARDIACS

We get many calls every day from folks wanting to sell us their collections or individual pieces.  We simply cannot answer every call in detail so we decided to publish how we buy and what we might be interested in buying and how you can get us the needed information to determine if we are interested.  It is important that you submit all information for us to respond. If your information is incomplete we will not be able to respond.  Please follow the following steps in order for your submission to be reviewed.

1. Tell us exactly what you have. (How many cards/boxes, the year, the brand, the sport, the players. If they are autographed, patches, parallels, inserts, or numbered)

2. Tell us the amount in US dollars you want for your items (Ex: $500 for everything)    ***Please understand that we are a business. We cannot buy items at full price***

3. Take pictures and attach to the email of your items.

4. Let us know if any autographed pieces have Certificates of Authenticity and by what agency they are certified by. (We do NOT buy items without Certificates of Authenticity)

5. Email the above 4 requirements to 

What we might consider purchasing once the above information is submitted:

Sports cards from the 1970s, 1960s, 1950s and older.

Some newer sports cards of players such as Mike Trout, Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, Kris Bryant, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Michael Jordan (in particular Rookie Cards of these players).

Rookie cards, parallels, inserts, jersey cards and autos cards.

Please be aware that there are many fake and counterfeit cards out there and they will need to be authenticated before we can buy them.

Nicely framed and kept autographed memorabilia items with a valid Certificate of Authenticity.

*What we are NOT interested in buying:

Programs, magazines, comic books, memorabilia items without Certificates of Authenticity, newer cards from the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s unless they are rookies or inserts/parallels, autos, etc.

*We will not buy anything that has been in contact with and/or stored in a smoking environment!