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Atlanta Braves Laser Cut Logo Steel Magnet-Primary Logo

Atlanta Braves Laser Cut Logo Steel Magnet-Primary Logo

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These steel magnets are the strongest on earth, and built in the USA! Each one with a unique laser cut in the logo of your favorite team, approximately 4" in the longest direction. These magnets can be used outdoors or indoors - they are steel! These magnets are printed with team logos in a process that allows them to hold up well to weather and regular wear and tear. 

Each magnet has 6 pounds of magnetic force, for the bonds that last. Where can you use these magnets?

-Cars and Trucks - stays on strong when attached to metal, through weather and car washes, looks like factory equipment

-Refrigerators - holds up to 20 pages of your best childhood art

-Office - keeps important papers and business cards at quick reach on a file cabinet

-Mailbox - use it as a handle or just to make the neighbors jealous

-Outdoor grill - know who you root for every time you flip a burger

-Locker - keep everything organized and in place

-Tool box - be a fan, while you are on the job Experience the quality of an Authentic Street Signs Product!

  • Dimensions approx. 4"
  • Weighs 4 ounces
  • Officially licensed product
  • Team colors and logos safely printed
  • Built in the USA for the strongest fans on earth!
  • It's the STRONGEST magnet on earth!
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